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Welcome to Mahendra cargo Packers and Movers, a trusted name in Packing Moving Business in India . We are a nation wide packing moving company that specializes in the transportation of household goods and personal articles and Car by Car Carriers Service all over India. Our team is having experts with   knowledge, experience and counseling along with competitive rates, which    enables us to give our clients the highest international quality standards. 
We at Mahendra Cargo Packers and Movers knows very well that a successfully packing moving assignment demands high packing standards, common sense, and knowledge of fragility for hundreds of items that needs to be packed n move. We are skilled enough to handle your valuable good with extra care and personal attention.

From a stately home to a single suitcase, we have assisted numerous successful moves for customers. The reason for our success is the care we take - care for our customers' wishes and their possessions. That care shows itself in a hundred ways during each relocation, from the quality of the specialist materials used to pack - all designed, chosen and tested to suit the goods - to the quality of the professionally trained, experienced and friendly staff. 

Our service includes a detailed estimate, a computerized inventory, together with a comprehensive description of the packaging and transportation services used. Mahendra Cargo Packers & Movers the automated survey at the start of each move using the latest hand held estimating equipment recognises that each client is unique. It identifies the exact requirements of each specific move, and decides on the best method of removal for the volume, location and contents involved.

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